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An affordable Artificial Intelligence API

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With our credit-based system, you only pay for what you use and when you need to. There's no subscription!
Furthermore, you will only pay for new requests. If you repeat a request, we will use our cache system and you will not pay again.

Pay for what you use

What's included

  • 100 Free Credits

  • Instant access to every AI endpoint

  • Customer Support

  • Life-time credits

Pay once, own it forever

10€ / 5.000 credits

Price per endpoint

  • Sentiment Analysis API
    Sentiment Analysis API
    Analyses a text and returns the overall sentiment as Very Negative, Negative, Neutral, Positive or Very Positive.
    2 credits / call
  • Short Text Similarity API
    Short Text Similarity API
    Analyses the similarity between a list of texts.
    1 credit / call
  • Language Detection API
    Language Detection API
    Detects the language of a given text and returns its ISO code.
    2 credits / call
  • Translation API
    Translation API
    Translates a text to another language using Deepl, the best translation service available.
    2 credits / call
  • Spam Detection API
    Spam Detection API
    Checks a text and an IP Address against an live-updated machine learning algorithm to predict whether the message or the sender is spam.
    3 credits / call
  • Text Rank Keywords API
    Text Rank Keywords API
    Get keywords from a text using the Text Rank algorithm.
    1 credit / call
  • Text Rank Summary API
    Text Rank Summary API
    Summarize a text using the Text Rank algorithm.
    1 credit / call
  • Text Readability API
    Text Readability API
    Analyses and returns the readability of a text.
    1 credit / call
  • Image Alt Text API
    Image Alt Text API
    Receives an input image and returns a natural language description to use it in <img> alt text.
    1 credit / call
  • BERT Score API
    BERT Score API
    Returns the Google's BERT score of a given text against a specific keyword.
    4 credits / call
  • Image Object Recognition API
    Image Object Recognition API
    Analyses an image and returns the detected objects as an array.
    1 credit / call
  • Nudity Detection API
    Nudity Detection API
    Checks if an image contains nudity.
    1 credit / call

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